Cricket was in a good level but not for all find out why Is it so?


Hello friends, as we know that cricket is going too popular now days in India as well in all over the world.

If we think how is cricket going popular too fast here the only reason money In India as well also in all over the world.

If we think there are ten Year from IPL start IPL Popularity is going high and high all of the big Businessman and Movie starts are showing inters in the IPL and also other matches and leagues which shows that how much money have in cricket and also the interest.

If, we seen in the average all of the people are very familiar with cricket and also interested in which most of the person are watching it for just fun purpose and rest are for money but how?

So all we know that in India betting is banned and here people is playing betting but illegally that is evet bad for all it increase crime rate. So, if we see in average for the people in India who watches cricket for just fun purpose are too high and that is very good for cricket in India.

But if talking for those you watch cricket for the betting purpose are not good in India because they are increasing crime rate indirectly and also they are doing a crime we Are also provide the cricket betting tips and also free but not for India and we have just provide these all for fun purpose there are nothing money making mind behind this.

So guys according to news India is going to legalize the online betting but after some time so guys hold on and wait for the session. And if you are from other countries than you can visit our website and can get free cricket betting tips.